Water Bottle Pallet

If someone had abandoned 9000 unused clear plastic water bottles in your warehouse over 10 years ago, what would you do?  Having been exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures for many years, the bottles weren’t suitable to use for drinking.

Some companies would have dumped them in the recycling bin.  Even worse, some companies would have thrown them in the trash dumpster.

At M&M Cartage, we knew these gems were meant for creative reuse!   Within weeks, all 9000 bottles were distributed and being put to use!

Divinity Rose - light sculpture

Photo Credit: Divinity Rose – www.divinityrose.com


  • Local artist Divinity Rose made light sculptures (incorporating LED lights) for an event (pictured above)
  • Divinity Rose assisted YouthBuild in making lighting arrangements for their prom
  • An employee’s granddaughter is using some for a school art project
  • Good Garbage used them for children’s craft day; the bottoms were made into Easter baskets, and the tops were made into bubble blowers
  • A preschool educator is using them for “sensory bottles”
  • A high school student is building a greenhouse at St Francis School
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the Shawnee and Bernheim districts are using them for various projects
  • The Artist-in-Residence is teaching “The Art of Upcycling” at the Oldham County Schools Arts Center
  • Kentucky Science Center will use them for various projects during their summer camps