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We’re on the Road Toward Net-Zero Energy Use Even When We’re Offroad

M&M Cartage is looking beyond its fleet for ways to reduce our environmental impact. We’re now in the process of evaluating energy efficiency measures for our new 3-building campus that will put us on the path toward net-zero energy use. Our vision includes:

  • Installing a geothermal system for heating and cooling
  • Installing a building energy management system
  • Achieving Energy Star certification
  • Augmenting our company-wide recycling program to become a “zero waste to landfill” organization
  • Installing solar panels on the ground and/or rooftops
  • Installing solar carports for employee parking
  • Repurposed used oil from the trucks to generate heat at our facility
  • Actively participate in the Kentucky U.S. Green Building Council and the Louisville chapter of the International Facility Management Association